A brand identity, website design and photography for independent designer Olivia Rose The Label

In 2019 Stark designed and built an e-commerce platform for independent designer Olivia Rose The Label with a refreshed brand identity and under brand guidelines defining typography and colour usage. The identity was created with Olivia’s ideals at it’s heart; classic, feminine and timeless.

As a brand with personality at it’s core the website was created as an extension of Olivia herself, showcasing the connection she has with her designs and process. The ‘About’ page was designed with a delicate scrapbook in mind, utilising scans of behind the scenes imagery and fabrics from the collections.

In early 2019 Stark created new imagery with Olivia as she released a refreshed collection, pairing new designs with classics from her core collection. Working alongside Flowers Vermillion for floral installations Stark created both campaign and product imagery that represented the femininity of Olivia’s pieces.

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